About luck

LUCK : (noun) : “the force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts or abilities”.

"You’re so lucky, you’re living a dream life and you get to travel all the time !" I get that really often. So let’s get clear here. Being a wedding and destination photographer has nothing to do with luck...

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Welcome Maxence

Il y a quelques semaines, Pauline me contactait pour savoir si j'étais dispo pour shooter son neveu dont elle est éperdument amoureuse (et je la comprend!) car elle souhaitait offrir cette séance photo à sa soeur Elise qui venait d'accoucher du beau Maxence. J'ai donc eu l'honneur de rencontrer ce ptit bout de 3 semaines, trop chouuuuu. C'est toujours pleine d'émotions que je vis ces séances; être le témoin photographique des premiers jours de la vie d'un nouveaux-né, c'est hyper touchant. Merci aux parents de m'avoir fait confiance. Merci à Pauline.

A few weeks ago, Pauline contacted me to know if I was available to shoot her new love : Maxence, her nephew. She wanted to offer this photo session to her sister Elise as well. So I had the honnor to meet the oh-so cute 3 week-old little boy. It's always very moving to be a witness of the very early days of a newborn's life, and it always feels me with gratitutde and joy. Thanks to the parents for their kindness and patient during this beautiful afternoon. Thank you Pauline for offering  this shoot to your sister Elise.