You were born to be REAL not Perfect


Yes YOU.

As a wedding and portrait photographer here in France but also around the world, how many times have I had female clients believing they will never look beautiful on pictures because they were told they're not "photogenic".

So let me tell you now that Photogenic is a myth honey, your beauty is unique and can be shown is so many different ways, but most of all, it's in your beliefs. Once you understand that there can be no other you than YOU, that you have a light that no one else has on this planet, that your uniqueness is what makes you gorgeous, then you'll understand the power you have within you and grow that confidence that'll make you shine. And if you don't get it, hit me up and I'll show you your beauty through my lens✨

How to get inspired

Truth is, most of the time, I get inspired by tiny details and moments of everyday life.I am inspired by the ever changing clouds, the song of the rain on the window, the sun rays beaming through the leaves - did you know that theJapanese have a specific words for that?? it's called Komorebi

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Indian Beauty | Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoot Paris - Celine Chhuon Photography

Couldn't wait to share with you a sneak peek of this amazing beauty. Bertille got engaged this Saturday, isn't she stunning?

Je ne pouvais pas attendre, il fallait que je partage avec vous un aperçu de ce week-end et de cette beauté à couper le souffle.