The carefree bride in Provence - Domaine des Grillons

Provence is probably one of the most beautiful and one of my favorite regions. I love how being a wedding photographer in France helps me discover little gems. Not only in terms of location but also in terms of persons. I've met Morgane of  Big Day Events and  Violette Tannenbaum few months ago as we worked together for the Love Etc. wedding fair. We clicked instantaneously. I love how Morgane is able to turn a vision into reality, how she is able to reflect elegance and simplicity, raw and authenticity into her styling. And I'm in love with Violette's dresses, soft, delicate, modern and romantic at the same time. After we met, we knew we wanted to work together on some projects. When Morgane told me about this gorgeous location at Domaine des grillons, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Surrounded by fields of poppies, olive trees, woods, and hills, it was the perfect place for this bridal inspiration. Actually Provence might just be the perfect place for a wedding in France to my opinion...

When I saw the poppy fields, it reminded me of Monet's painting : Coquelicots. 

We wanted to create something romantic but quite wild at the same time as the location entices you to do. An elegant bride but carefree at the same time, you know. Here is how we turned our vision into reality. Would love to hear your thoughts about it folks !

Styling and flower arrangement : Big Day Events | Lace robe and dress : Violette Tannenbaum | Make up : Diamond Heart Make Up | Hair : Agnès Caneri | Silk ribbons and table runner : Orchidée de Soie | Calligraphy : Nice Plume | Chain Ring : Myrtille Beck

Location : Domaine des grillons | Film Lab : Carmencita Film Lab |