A fun family session in Bali

Hello beauties ! As it's freezing cold in Paris nowadays, I wanted to bring a little bit of warmth and sunshine into your screen today ! :)

So sharing with you a family session I had the chance to shoot in Bali with Aslinda and her beautiful family. I met Aslinda a few years ago through work before she decided to quit and do the most beautiful and hardest jobs in the world : being a full time mum (by the way : Kudos to all the mums in the world, you are an inspiration to me!) and I straight away fell in love with her class and kindness. She's one of those girls you know, who is unaware of how gorgeous and talented she is and that makes her even more beautiful. I wanted to shoot her and her family in a very fun and relaxed way so we just planned it as a normal family Sunday, had breakfast together, played by the pool, had the goûter (french equivalent of 'after-school snack') with the Bonne Maman biscuits that I brought from France and were about to end up with a yummy dinner all together. But when Aslinda shyly told me that she recently designed her own clothing brand named Solei,  I asked to see some of the clothes and I absolutely adored the whole line she created even though she told me it was only the beginning and it was only sold in a few selected shops in Bali. I told her we NEED to shoot these ! and you MUST wear them, because I mean, look at her, isn't she gorgeous? I secretly dream of being that beautiful after 2 kids ! So to the family shoot we added a small fun fashion shoot showing her designs. Keep an eye open for Solei, I think you'll see more of it soon !

I had so much fun shooting this, combining my love for family portraits and fashion, I couldn't ask for more ! :) I feel so grateful for all the amazing and talented people I get to meet through my work. I hope to meet you too who are reading these lines right now. Let's get in touch, drop me a line HERE and tell me about your story, I'd love to hear!


Thank you Aslinda, Andrew, Paris and Helio, you made my stay in Bali such a beautiful one !


Clothing : Beige dress by Magali Pascal | Kimonos and other dresses by Solei

Accesories and jewelry by Tulola

Film shots are processed by Carmencita Film Lab.