Destination Wedding Photographer: Bridal Portrait - Christchurch , New Zealand | Pascale

I'm so thrilled to share these images from New Zealand with you guys. This was supposed to be an engagement session with Pascale and Paul the day before the wedding. Unfortunately, Paul got sick on that day and we could have cancelled the photo session but Pascale - who by the way is probably one of the calmest bride I've ever met - decided we should still go for the photoshoot, it would help her to get her head out of the Big Day's organization. So she took me to her favorite mountain, the view was incredible, it was such a perfect spot to get our mind on a peaceful and serene mode.
Here are the images, mostly shot on film : Mamiya 645 | Portra 400 | Portra 160. Dev & Scans by the great crew at Carmencita Film Lab.