A romantic maternity session in Paris

It’s a always such a special moment for me to shoot a maternity session in Paris. Especially when the couple is expecting their first child. Those precious moments that will lead them from being a couple to a family of three. Natalie is a successful event designer based in Washington DC, and she came all the way to Paris with her husband Adam, to create these photos as an heirloom to share with their baby. It’s been such an honor to serve them during this maternity session in Paris. We started off at the iconic Eiffel Tower and moved towards my favorite courtyard at the Louvre Museum. Paris is always such a magical backdrop whether you come for a prewedding shoot, a family session or maternity session.

Here are some photos from this session:

A lovely family photoshoot in Paris

I can't repeat enough how important it is to document your family bonds, especially when you have children growing up so fast. Family portrait sessions in Paris are among my favorite to create. They not only enable me to create beautiful memories for the parents as a couple, as it is often forgotten that they, too, deserve a little bit of attention :) ! after children have become the priority in a family. As well as taking timeless portraits of childhood and kids being kids because we all know that in a blink of an eye, that child will be 18 and won't probably pose with you anymore ! Just kidding, but childhood is so precious to miss those fleeting moments of someone's life. So if you are willing to create those memories for you and your children too, hit me up ! And what a better location than Paris to have your family photos taken !

Here's Susanne and Nathan and their three beautiful children. What an honor it has been for me to capture those memories for them.

Intimate wedding at Château de Varennes in Burgundy

Virginie and Charles got married at Château de Varennes, a lovely venue surrounded by Burgundy's vineyards.  the day was filled with a lot of laughter as these two are real jokers, I love weddings like that ! Intimate and relaxed couples. It's the best !

I fell in love with Virginie's wedding gown, a gorgeous Jenny Packham with hand sewn beads and beautiful lace. And can we talk about that engagement ring?! It was designed by the bride's mum who is a jeweler. 

The wedding day was followed by a brunch with good food, good music and friends around the pool. I told you, a perfect kind of wedding !

Day after brunch

How to start your wedding day without stress

I can't stress enough the importance of the Bridal Suite in planning a stressfree wedding


A lot of my brides ask me advice to avoid the rush of stress coming before the wedding or before the ceremony on the wedding day. So I thought, I'd share with you some tips here.

The pressure of wanting your wedding to be perfect can easily get to you. The Business Insider shared a study indicating that 96% of recently married or engaged couples find preparing for the wedding stressful. 40% of this demographic described the occasion as “very” or “extremely” stressful.

But while both grooms and brides experience uneasiness, there is an additional strain on the bride. Society has long seen this ceremony as one of the highest points in a woman’s life. Such reason subconsciously forces women to focus all their attention down to even the tiniest details: aka the *Bridezilla* !  Psychology Today relates the origin of the term “bridezilla” to the pressure on brides to create a picture-perfect wedding. It has become a stereotype so much so that the terms "bride" and "bridezilla" have become synonymous.

This is where the importance of the bridal suite comes in. At the pinnacle of the bride’s stress levels, it’s vital that her surroundings help induce comfort and rest. It’s crucial that it helps her have better quality of sleep days before the big day.

Note, however, that the term “bridal suite” doesn’t necessarily refer to a hotel room. It generally pertains to the place the bride is staying in and getting ready prior to the ceremony. This may also be her own bedroom or a relative’s house.


The Historic Post Office relays that the bridal suite is the bride’s final escape from all the stress before the wedding. Silence, privacy, and proximity are essential elements of the room. Silence and privacy contribute to a peaceful atmosphere which are vital for a good night’s sleep. While proximity gives the bride and her entourage ample time to make preparations or adjustments for the ceremony.

Windows are an important factor as well. Natural light improves mood and sufficient exposure to sunlight during the day adjusts your circadian rhythm, making it easier for you to sleep at night. And also, don't forget that you'll have your getting ready photos in the bridal suite, so having natural lighting gives your photographer an additional tool for aesthetics.

Plus, whiffs of fresh air are always relaxing. Every now and then, the bride needs to step back and take a deep breath to try to clear her thoughts. A tense-free mind will enable the bride to fall asleep easier, too.

Additionally, the colours of the room play a role in helping its occupant to relax. Leesa highlights the psychological effects of colours and how they can aid the bride to fall asleep. Since neutrals are popular wedding themes, choosing a bridal suite with the same hues is appropriate to retain a joyful atmosphere. But at the same time, they provide a sense of airiness and lightness – especially white and sky blue – giving less visual stimulation to the bride’s already tense mind.

To avoid the dreaded title of "bridezilla", make sure that your bridal suite will have some, if not all of these qualities. And although it’s easier said than done, try your best to be well-rested on your special day. Relieve yourself from all the stress because the truth is, the more relaxed you are, the more beautiful of a bride you will be. Focus on living the present moment and I'll